Determining the Need for Adaptive Web Design

Internet users have increasingly turned to his or her mobile phone or tablet to gain information on various subjects, so websites have learned to adapt to new forms of internet connection. Each terminal has features and screen resolutions making a website look different than it would on a PC. This implies each website owner rethinking their approach when creating a website because he or she needs to anticipate the different limitations related to each site. Adaptive Web Design Augusta GA is now a must if site managers want to keep their web presence strong.

The advantages of adaptive web design

The advantages associated with adaptive web design are numerous. This technique allows sites to offer different screen resolutions and may also allow a website to universally create a website using new rules and CSS 3 properties, which are accepted by the vast majority of browsers. Adjusting and resizing columns and images are two important factors when contemplating Web Design. This technique allows for optimal ergonomics while also safeguarding information. Adaptive web design is a tactical key since it allows people to respond to a search faster by showing users applicable Internet results only.


With adaptive Web Design, there is no need for redirecting links. Once a design is implemented, there is very little maintenance to perform and the cost of development is better than a specialized mobile site. There is also the assurance of a unique URL, which is ideal for promotional campaigns. This is a major factor in the commercial sector. In fact, failure to adapt the website to support navigation can greatly affect the shopping experience of any Internet user. The links to the original website allow the mobile support team to respect the information structure of the entire website while also reducing the time necessary to adapt to the new format. Each website is automatically displayed depending on the screen without prompting the user how to navigate it. Of course, the classic version of each site is available for those accustomed to the original display.

The drawbacks of adaptive web design

Although the advantages of adaptive Web Design are numerous, there are certain drawbacks. This pertains, particularly, to the download time. Most of the time, users are obliged to download HTML/CSS codes uselessly. Similarly, images are often elongated and resized causing a negative impact on the download time. On the other hand, adaptive web design does not allow owners to easily adjust the titles, descriptions and other relevant content on mobile phones. Furthermore, adaptive website development requires more time than normal sites.

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